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Rd Station Integration
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Now you can integrate the RD Station and Bitrix24 CRM

You can automatically create a lead or a deal depending on the action you choose on the RD Station and bring the lost or lost opportunities to keep your RD Station up to date.


The first version includes:


Mark lead as opportunity in RD Station
Mark lead as qualified in RD Station
Win a deal in Bitrix24
Lost a deal in Bitrix24
Lost a lead in Bitrix24


Create lead in Bitrix24
Create deal, contact and company in Bitrix24
Unmark a opportunity in RD Station
Mark a Won in RD Station
Mark a Lost in RD Station

Versión 1
App Rd Station is an easy way to perform integrations between bitrix24 and RdStation

If you have any suggestion or problems you can get support at suporte@br24.io
You just need to fill out the form in our application to get the access key for free and follow the instructions in the app.