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Employee Birthdays
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Employee Birthdays application for Bitrix24 offers a great opportunity to view employee birthdays in the Bitrix24 Calendar as well as to assign automatic tasks and notifications about upcoming birthdays to responsible employees.

Full range of features:

- Displaying employee birthdays in the calendar;

- View of any month;

- Greetings for an employee in the activity stream;

- Notification several days prior to birthdays of responsible employees (employee list and number of days can be configured);

- Assigning tasks to responsible employees several days prior to birthdays (employee list and number of days can be configured);

- Option to disable dismissed employees;

- ‘Extranet’ is highlighted by different colour in the calendar;

- Pop-up window in the calendar with additional information (employee full name, upcoming age);

- Single-click forwarding to employee page;

- Anniversaries are highlighted in color.

Free version has the following limits:

- Only first 5 entries per month can be viewed;

- Only current month can be viewed.

Now you will not miss your employee birthdays!

If you have encountered problems with installation and operation of the app, please write to us at bitrix24@elephant-group.ru or call us: +7 (499) 350-56-08.

You can also send us your feedback about the app.

Versión 2
You asked and we did it!
We updated the functionality of the application and added new features!
Full description of all features is on the "Description" page

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