Integration with a store on Bitrix

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Integration with a store on Bitrix
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Plugin for complete and simple integration between Bitrix24 and a store on CMS Bitrix.

  • Easy integration using the module;
  • Search and linking of goods;
  • Integration of custom fields;
  • Auto-formatting of numbers;
  • Search and binding of Contact and Company;
  • Transfer of UTM tags;
  • End-to-end analytics support;
  • Client digital footprint transfer (for conversion plugin)
  • Transfer of visited pages to LEAD;
  • Control of repeated leads (tag "Repeated Lead");
  • Strict duplicate control (lead merging)
  • Selection of observers;
  • Queue of responsible persons;
  • Report of the responsible person and / or observers;
  • Creation of an Agreement with the former responsible, if the LEAD has previously carried out operations (optional);
Integration modules -

  • Up to 500 leads per day. 30 days free. Then $10 per month or $500 per year.
  • More than 500 leads per day. Enterprise version on a separate server $160 per month or $1200 per year.

Versión 1
Integration between Bitrix24 with a store on CMS Bitrix. We transfer Leads, Deals, Products. Synchronization of statuses. Ready module for integration. Duplicate control, phone auto-formatting, end-to-end analytics, UTM tags.

Support only through the ticket system -

Attention! Support is provided only when the license is active.
Ideas for revision can be left here -
  1. Install the plugin in Bitrix24;
  2. On the "Integration" page, copy the Secret API key;
  3. Install the plugin for Bitrix - and configure (in the admin panel: Settings -> Modules settings -> Flamix: Integration with Bitrix24);
  4. Send all forms on the site and order to establish their connection with Bitrix24;
  5. Go to the application on the Bitrix24 account, select the correspondence of the site fields and Bitrix24.
Note! The amount of goods is transferred without currency conversion. In order for the correct amount to be transferred to the LEAD, the base currency of the Bitrix24 account must match the currency of the store, or you must independently convert the amount through a business process or on the site side.