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Get your documents signed in Bitrix24 with “SignEasy Integration” application.

“Sign Here” integrates e-signature service with Bitrix24.

For all Bitrix24 users it is now easy to properly validate documents with their clients. The validation is done with the use of electronic signature. Integration of with Bitrix24 provides grants official status to a signed document.

“SignEasy Integration” is useful for the companies, entities and individuals, who:

   - Need to increase the level of their work and clients' service by reducing the time for invoicing, making contracts and other documents' circulation;
   - Need to get many approvals and signatures for project documents;
   - Keep and distribute documents in e-form;
   - Need fast and effective document coordination with their partners;
   - Want to avoid paperwork and reduce their expenses.

Note: A 30-days trial is free. Because Bitrix24 Marketplace does not yet support apps billing, everything is marked as free. The current price is here.

Versión 1
Get your documents signed in Bitrix24 with “SignEasy Integration” application.

The customer support is provided by SignEasy Integration interface.

The app is installed automatically at Bitrix24 Marketplace.

Documentation can be found here.