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  • Publicado: 27.04.2018
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  • The app allows the supervisor to monitor and control the operators’ work in real-time mode.

    With the Supervisor Panel you can:

    • check the operator’s status (occupied/free), his or her group or queue number;

    • assign or remove an operator to/from the queue;

    • put an operator on hold and back;

    • tap into a conversation and listen to it;

    • forward the call to another operator via interface;

    • get the call-center stats.


    • Bitrix24: Cloud or Self-Hosted editions with active key license;

    • FreePBX v.13 onwards;

    • NodeJS 8+;

    • SSL certificate on the server with NodeJS.

    How it works

    The app receives users’ and other info — about the queues, ongoing calls, etc. — from Bitrix24 and Asterisk and displays it in a real-time mode.

    The app is made up of two components:

    • client part: Bitrix24 app;

    • server part: module based on NodeJS.

  • Versión 2
    Added openline for the first installation.

    Versión 1
    Application first release

  • We perform our module support in Open line chat (a chat is opened in your Bitrix24 account).

    If you don’t receive a prompt response, please wait. We work from 9 am till 6 pm Moscow time (GMT+3), Mo-Fri.

    Also you can reach us via email fpbx@informunity.ru.

  • 1. Install the application Supervisor Panel in Bitrix24. Give permissions for the app to access the Users and the Data Storage.

    • In the app you'll find a demo that works on it's own (sidestepping your ATS server). Turn on the mode to learn more about the app's features.

    2. Install server part, based on NodeJS, on your proxy-server. Proxy-server can come together with FreePBX server or can be set apart as a server with CentOS 7.

    a. In console on the server, execute (sudo rights are needed) the following:

    b. When the installation is completed, configure the server part of the app to work with FreePBX. Edit file /etc/asterboard/server and locate FreePBX server IP-adress, user's AMI and password.

    c. When the configuration changes are made, re-start server part of the app:

    /etc/init.d/asterboard restart.

    Network configurations and accesses

    From To Port Protocol
    NodeJS FreePBX from settings /etc/asterboard/server by default 5038 tcp
    NodeJS Browser from settings /etc/asterboard/server by default 4433 wss
    Browserhttps://marketplace.informunity.ru/ 443 https


    Bitrix24 cannot connect to proxy server (app does not display operators and queues, web browser console does not show any events).

    • Solution 1: configure firewall.

    • Solution 2: if a self-signed certificate is installed on proxy server, add this manually as a trusted certificate in web browser. Open proxy server in browser with https and add this as an exception.

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