Zoom Phone

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Take advantage from integration with Zoom Phone telephony to implement scenarios needed for your business:
  • Registered inbound calls and automatic generation of leads/contacts/deals depending on Bitrix24 settings;
  • Automatic call card with client details to save time on searching of information prior to responding to a call;
  • Saved call record with direct playback inside CRM slider;
  • Call tracking support within Bitrix24 Sales Intelligence;
  • Callback support for CRM order forms, as well as click2call for outbound calls directly inside CRM slider.
No more missed calls! Get all the advantages offered by Zoom Phone telephony and Bitrix24! Your sale managers won't have to guess what clients are calling; now they are able to individually welcome them, access a complete communication history and concentrate on selling instead of data collecting.

This is a proposed application that is not functional. Installations of this application are used for demand estimation and marketing study purposes.


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Use Zoom Phone telephony with Bitrix24

Complete standard installation procedure and follow instructions inside the app