Import from Excel to CRM

Import from Excel to CRM
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Using the module, you can process Excel files and add CRM objects. It is only necessary to configure the correspondence of the fields (columns) of the Excel file to the fields of CRM objects.

Before starting the work, create a file with the .xlsx extension containing the data of the objects to be added (If you need to add contacts, the table will contain columns of the type "Name", "Position", "Phone", etc.).

After installing the module in the public section, a new item will appear on the right pane - Import fr om Excel to CRM.

When you go to this menu item, a page will open wh ere you will need to download the Excel file.

The next step is to select an entity and map the file fields to the CRM entity fields. screenshot "mapping fields".

Once the selection is made, the matching is done, the data will be imported. After that, you need to go to the CRM section and select the required entity. Your objects have been successfully added.


When creating a table, it is necessary to keep the data type required for each column (for example, in the columns "Phone", "Amount", only numbers must be specified).

The module uses the Lists section, so at the moment it is available only on the Company business tariff ("Bitrix 24 Pricing" and "Lists" screenshots)

Versión 1
Con este módulo, puede procesar archivos de Excel y agregar objetos CRM

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