Designer of reports and dashboards in Google Data Studio

Designer of reports and dashboards in Google Data Studio
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Google Data Studio is a free tool from Google that allows you to aggregate data from various sources and create clear reports based on this data without programmers.

All generated reports are interactive. Change time intervals or other parameters and work with data in the aspect you need.

Google Data Studio allows you to flatten and display data from:

Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Cloud Storage, BigQuery, YouTube Analytics, Google 360 ​​Solution Chain

Many ready-made integrations with other data sources are easily installed from the Google Data Studio marketplace;

It is possible to create your own indicators calculated on the report page (calculating the cost of a lead or client, the margin of your deals, etc.)

The presence of templates allows you to speed up the process of building reports

By connecting our Bitrix24 and Google Data Studio integration module, you can customize as many reports and dashboards as you need. You will have access to data from Bitrix24 on the following entities:

CRM Companies

CRM Contacts

CRM Transactions

CRM Accounts

CRM Leads


Bitrix24 Telephony

Bitrix24 Users

Both standard and custom fields from Bitrix24 will be available for display in reports

Versión 1
Build your end-to-end analytics by combining Google Analytics and Bitrix24 data. Implement your own reports that cannot be generated by standard Bitrix24 reports.

If you have any questions about using our application, you can contact our support at

In the case of a request for large amounts of data for more widgets from one page, there is a high probability of an error. This is due to the fact that GDS generates too many requests for Bitrix24.
A similar situation can arise when filtering by custom fields (by default, the item creation date). For some reason, the Bitrix REST API very slowly sends data with filtering by a custom field, and GDS "gets tired" of waiting.
Install the app
Open the page of the application installed on your portal
Select the required object for uploading in Google Date Studio
Follow the link to the connector (version 2)