e-Cont.md - electronic invoices for payment - v2

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e-Cont.md - electronic invoices for payment - v2
Diginet Pro SRL
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Issuance and circulation of e-invoices for payment for business in Moldova (B2B and B2C).
The  service allows you to issue professionally prepared invoices, send them  to your customers, send payment reminders, track expenses and receive  payment from customers faster and on time.

This application interacts with the e-Cont.md system: https://e-Cont.md/en
The application "e-Cont.md : electronic invoices for payment" allows you to export an invoice for payment from the Bitrix24 system to the e-Cont.md system.

When the status of the invoice for payment in Bitrix24 is changed to "Sent to the client", this invoice will be transferred to the e-Cont.md system.
Further, in the e-Cont.md system, the invoice is processed according to the business rules of the system:
- recording the account in the e-Cont.md database
- sending an invoice to the payer by E-Mail
- saving an invoice for payment on Google Drive in the seller's account
- transfer of the account to the payer's accounting system, for example 1C:8
- list of all integrations

Tariffs for our service: https://diginet.md/en/usluga-e-cont-md/pricing/

Versión 1
Issuance and circulation of e-invoices for payment for business in Moldova (B2B and B2C). The service allows you to issue invoices for payment, send them to your customers, send payment reminders.

Any integration questions please send to invoicing.md@gmail.com.

For questions about installing and configuring the application, please contact the developer:
Diginet Pro SRL (Moldova) https://diginet.md/en/contact/
To install the application, first you need to register in the e-Cont.md system: https://my.e-Cont.md/en/register
After choosing and paying for the tariff in the client's cabinet, you will be able to set up integration with Bitix24.

Before installing the application in Bitrix24, you need to enter a link to your account in Bitrix24 in the “URL of your Bitrix24 account”
setting field in the e-Cont.md system on the integration settings page.
It may look like this: https://<<your account>>.bitrix24.ru/stream/
Then click the green "Save" button.

After that, you need to install the application "e-Cont.md - electronic invoices for payment - v2" in your Bitrix24 account.
When installing the application in Bitrix24, Bitrix24 will automatically connect to the e-Cont.md system.

Further, for the final connection of the e-Cont.md system to Bitrix24, it is necessary to press the blue button in the client's office on e-Cont.md
on the Bitrix24 integration settings page:  "Connect to Bitrix24".

After that, the Bitrix24 and e-Cont.md systems will be fully interconnected.