ChatApp for WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber

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ChatApp for WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber communication
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Communicate with clients in popular messengers from CRM and use all advantages of automation.

ChatApp is a universal service that combines communication channels with customers in a single window. It allows to synchronize interaction history and arrange seamless communication with a client.

Channels that ChatApp supports:

  • WhatsApp - connect your official Whatsapp account or personal number
  • Telegram - connect your personal Telegram account or reply to messages via bot
  • Viber - reply to Viber messages with bot.
  • Avito - reply to Avito messages

ChatApp application connects WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber messengers to Bitrix24. Allows you to correspond with clients directly from the CRM, taking advantage of all the advantages of the corporate portal and the CRM system automation capabilities.

  • Write to the client first from the CRM on WhatsApp and Telegram!
    Send message to the client from transaction and contact card using phone number in WhatsApp and Telegram. No need to wait when the client will write first anymore.
  • Use smart messaging with a client database.
    Messengers are not tolerable to spam, flexible frameworks of messaging process in ChatApp allow not to trigger bot’s suspicion and prevent account lock-out.
  • Connect bots with artificial intelligence.
    Automate composition of multi-level dialogs and conversations, improve loyalty to your brand.
  • Automate workflows.
    Set up automatic answering and automatic sales funnels in WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber, get new clients in autopilot mode. Automation frees up operators time and saves resources.
  • Expand your client audience using Telegram Parser
    Gather target audience contacts from open Telegram groups to increase your client base and send out marketing materials in messengers.
  • ChatApp - a single window for all messengers
    Dialogs with clients from all messengers are displayed in a single window, allowing businesses to be as close to the client and respond faster to client requests.

Installation in a few clicks and free demo period.

Register at the web-site. Test functions for free in first 2 days.

Widget installation instructions in the knowledge base

If you have any questions, please contact us in Telegram @chatapp_online

Communicate with clients in the way they used to and improve conversion

Versión 11
Embedding in BitrixMobile.

Versión 10
Import users into the ChatApp cabinet to synchronize Bitrix 24 and ChatApp users.

Versión 9
Creating tasks in CRM from WEB chat dialogs

Versión 8

  • A Viber connector has been added;
  • Chats displays messenger and message source:
Sent from ChatApp WEB;
Sent from ChatApp mobile app;
Sent from CRM;
Sent from personal cabinet;
Sent from external application (API);
Sent from messenger;
  • Duplicate message filter and more.

Versión 7
Robots for personal Telegram
WhatsApp Business API

Versión 6
Integration Telegram

Versión 5
Performance, fault tolerance

Versión 4
SMS provider for mass sending of WhatsApp messages to your clients.
WhatsApp groups in Bitrix24 Open Channels.

If you have any questions about integration, please write:
  1. Register an account in ChatApp and try out the free demo license
  2. Set up the connection of the necessary communication channels in your personal cabinet
  3. Install the application in Bitrix24. Video on how to connect
Learn more about installing the app in our knowledge base