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The plugin for automatic customer data load from Lursoft database. New “Lursoft” menu item is added to Bitrix CRM Company entries with the option to choose the most relevant company from the list of companies having identical or similar names in Lursoft database.

The app is integrated into Bitrix24 without additional configuration required on users’ part to automatically load up-to-date customer data (new Company fields are also created automatically) The majority of company details stored in Lursoft database is filled in for free. Monthly fee is 10 EUR.

Important! Application provides information only about legal persons registered in Latvian Republic.

The following company details are provided:

  • Address (0.14 EUR)

  • Legal representatives (0.64 EUR)

  • Employee count (as of the end of the previous year) (1.42 EUR)

  • Previous year’s profit (1.42 EUR)

  • Previous year’s turnover (1.42 EUR)

  • Beneficiaries (0.50 EUR)

  • Up-to-date fixed capital (0.00 EUR)

  • Encumbrances (0.50 EUR)

  • Contacts (phone, e-mail, website address, fax number) (0.01 EUR)

  • General information (0.14 EUR)

  • Shareholders (1.60 EUR)

  • Insolvency processes (0.00 EUR)

  • Status of outstanding payments (0.00 EUR)

  • Last changes (0.00 EUR)

  • Former representatives (0.64 EUR)

  • Former beneficiaries (0.50 EUR)

  • Former fixed capital (0.00 EUR)

  • Former shareholders (1.60 EUR)

  • Former  security means list  (2.85 EUR)

  • Security means list  (2.85 EUR)

  • Tax debts administered by the State Revenue Service (0.00 EUR)

  • Legal form of the company (0.00 EUR)

  • Total payments to state budget (in the previous year) (0.01 EUR)

  • Warnings (0.00 EUR)

  • Type of activity (0.00 EUR)

Versión 1
The plugin for automatic customer data load from Lursoft database.

Customer Technical Support:

1) General and technical issues:
2) Phone: +37167780022, 8020090, 8844

1. Install the application via Bitrix24 Marketplace
2. In order to proceed, please conclude service agreement with CSC TELECOM to activate the app.
3. Start using the app!