Polish Name in Vocative

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Polish Name in Vocative
Biznes Consulting
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The application periodically checks contacts database in CRM in order to complete the field with the name variant (eg "Adam" -> "Adamie"). It adds information about gender too (man / female).

Thanks to this application, you can easily conduct automated communication with the client, using the changed version of the name in marketing campaigns, automatic SMS and E-mail messages.

Communication with the client becomes more personalized, and in addition, this application allows you to automatically complete the contact with information about gender, so you can use it as a segmentation parameter and in the rules of automating communication with the client.

  • Built-in database of Polish names with their variation in the vocative.
  • Automatic scanning of the CRM contact database.
  • Supplementing the information about the name in the vocative and the gender of the contact in the CRM database.
  • Possibility to use an altered name in communication with the client, e. g. when sending a newsletter, automatic e-mail and SMS messages.
  • Possibility of using information about gender in rules that automate communication (division of content into messages directed to women and men) and in the segmentation of the CRM database (e. g. sending wishes on the occasion of Women's Day).
  • The application returns a report on the name matching and informs you about any errors - you can correct your contact details in CRM.

Test for free for 14 days.

Cost per 6 months: 65Eur (netto)

Cost per 12 months: 99Eur (netto)

Versión 1
This application adds a vocative case of polish first names and information about gender to contacts in Bitrix24 CRM.

Developer: Biznes Consulting
Website: www.MarketCRM.pl
Email: office@homesoft.pl

The application is ready to work right after installation.

To set up the app to work with your CRM, follow these steps:

  1. Set the mapping of the CRM contact's fields. Select contact's fields to which vocative version of the first name and information about the contact's gender will be added.
  2. Start database scan. After approval, the contact details will be scanned and checked against the database of Polish first names. Matches will be sent to the vocative and gender fields in contact.
  3. Database verification. Scanning the contact database allows you to verify the correctness of the data at the same time. The application will indicate errors in the "First Name" fields of the contact, thanks to which you will be able to make corrections.