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Netcash eCommerce Payment Gateway
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FullView Solutions have developed a South African Payment gateway using the netcash platform. You now have the ability to offer your clients multiple payment methods using South African Rands in Bitrix24, increasing the likelihood of payment being made. 3D security and PCI compliance reduce both fraud and the chances of chargeback on card transactions. Payment methods included are Instant  EFT, Bank EFT, Credit Card, Cash Payment, QR Payment and Visa Checkout. Abandoned carts are a major concern for any eCommerce store and are largely due to customers feeling lost or unsafe. Our gateway is easy to use and completely secure, giving clients comfort when making payment.

Register your Netcash account, install the application in Bitrix24, configure the setting and add it as a payment option on your online store. As simple as that.

Versión 1
Accept multiple online payment methods from your eCommerce website with Netcash’s Pay Now Gateway in South African Rands. Selling online is made simple. Your Netcash account can now be integrated into Bitrix24.

For support with your application in Bitrix24 contact

For support with netcash, contact your dedicated account manager

1. Before you install the App, you need to create a Webhooks at you Bitrix24 Cloud edition:

Get to the your_b24/devops/section/standard/ and sel ect «Inbound WebHook»:

Then create a Webhooks with such parameters:

3. Then, after installing the application you need to specify initial data, you received fr om the NetCash:

* «Notify ULR» could be any value now.
* «Webhook» value – the path to the Webhook, you created at the previous step.
* «B24 site accept page» – its’s a Url to the page of you eCommerce site, that will appear after successful transaction.
* «B24 site decline page» – the same thin but for declined transaction.

4. Configuring payment system:

After you install the application and specify initial parameters, you need to go to the NetCash payments settings:

You can find it at «Online Store section»:

Set 'ae1cb09a-f0bf-4643-9d25-8d054d90ae11' to the 'Service ID' field.

Check, that all the fields are properly filled:

After that, the clients of you online store will be able to select NetCash as a payment system.