Sales Script Prompter - Sales Scripts

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Sales Script Prompter - Sales Scripts
Sales Script Prompter - Sales Scripts
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Why do you need a Sales Script Prompter?
  • 90% fewer conversation errors;
  • 100% increase in conversion due to correct conversation scenarios;
  • 2 times faster training of newcomers in sales department;
  • 30% reduction of turnover in the sales department.
Advantages of the Sales Script Prompter:
  • Automatic detection of conversation errors without listening;
  • Easy creation of complex scripts in a convenient editor;
  • Ease of using large scripts by managers and operators.
How integration with Bitrix24 works:
  • Create a call script or accept ready-made templates as a gift and adapt them;
  • Make calls using the script yourself or assign this task to your employees;
  • Make adjustments to the scripts, view statistics and make calls directly from Bitrix24;
  • Import custom fields into the Script Designer (section "Settings" => "Custom fields") and paste them into the desired places in the script;
  • Exchange user field data between Bitrix24 and Script Designer during a call to the script (saving data in Bitrix24 card);
  • If a call is made from a card or a list of cards, the fields in the script will be filled with data of fields from the current card. If you start the call when starting the Script Designer from the left menu, then you will be offered to choose an entity and an object for the call.
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Work in Sales Script Prompter for administrator will always be free. If you want to continue working together with employees after the trial period, you can choose the appropriate tariff plan for you: (section "Pricing").

Versión 1
A sales script designer with easy integration into your CRM-system. Ready-made script templates allow you to start making calls in a few minutes.

How to hook it up:

1. Install the "Sales Script Prompter" application in Bitrix24;

2. Start working with the application in one of the ways:
  • in the left panel of the Bitrix24 window click on the "Sales Script Prompter" menu item;
  • from the context menu of the entity. For example, go to Entire View, right-click on the required leader and in the drop-down menu go to Applications > Sales Script Prompter. The same for Contacts, Company, Accounts, Deals;
  • from the call window. For example, go to the Contacts entity, tick the required contacts (or several contacts) and press the "Call" button. In the window that appears, click the "Sales Script Prompter" link and the application to call the script will open;
  • from the window of a separate line, contact, account, transaction, company, if you click on the "Sales Script Prompter" link.
3. If you have already created an account at Sales Script Prompter, please, enter your login and password during the service connection. If you haven`t registered in "Sales Script Prompter" yet, the registration will take place automatically.