Payment Calendar

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Payment Calendar
Atevi Systems
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Your sales managers do not have to fill in any additional fields to get sales analyzed by the Payment Calendar. All analytics is based on already existing CRM invoice data.

The application will give you a quick answer to two important questions:

1. When and who will pay you?
Data visualization makes it easy to determine what payments are expected for each day, get weekly earnings, or check status of your invoices, with the ability to open quickly an invoice card.

2. Sales plan delivery
The schedule of payments, consisting of superimposed daily data:
- Optimal sales plan (Plan)
- Minimum sales  plan (Budget)
- Expected incoming receivables for issued invoices (Forecast)
- Already received payments (Paid)
That allows you to understand at a glance to what extent the optimal sales plan for each day is being delivered. You can see on the chart which days were better or worse comparing to the optimal plan and understand whether the sales plan will be met, if the current payment dynamics continues.

You can adjust: the value of the minimum and optimal sales plan for each month, personal status colors, weekends and working days.
After the installation of the application, the field "total cost" is added to the invoice. After you fill in this field – the application will start to count your total income.

Versión 2
Spanish language added

Versión 1

  • Payment calendar
  • Schedule of payments
  • Ability to calculate the invoice margin
  • Available settings: status colors, personal days off, monthly sales plans, statuses of the forecast and payment lines.

Support is provided through the built-in feedback form or e-mail
After installing the application, you get to the application settings page, where you need:
- fill the optimal (Plan) and the minimum (Budget) sales plan
- click "Save" at the bottom of the page

If you want to enter the same values for all months, enter the value only in January and click "Fill in blank cells as January".