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Now you can synchronize your data between QuickBooks and Bitrix24.

If company and contact details or invoices are modified in QuickBooks, the app will automatically implement changes in Bitrix24. All changes in Bitrix24 company and contact details will be automatically synchronized with QuickBooks.

How it works

Create a new invoice in QuickBooks from Bitrix24 company, contact or deal.  

Sel ect a company, contact or deal fr om the list in Bitrix24 CRM, click on «Create invoice in QuickBooks» widget, select a product or service in the opened window and switch to creating a new invoice in QuickBooks interface.  

After the invoice is saved in the additional field of Bitrix24 company, contact or deal, a link to the invoice will appear in QuickBooks.  


If the status of QuickBooks invoice changes to «Paid», the app will automatically change the status of the corresponding invoice in Bitrix24 and will send the notification to the responsible manager.

More details in user guide.


Versión 2
Now you can create an invoice from a contact or a company form. The
primary synchronization process has been speeded up. The error
description has been added to the error log. Attention! The new version of the app works as a 30-day trial on free Bitrix24 accounts. After upgrading the previous versions, you will need to authorize the application for the second time.

Versión 1
Today you can synchronize your data between QuickBooks and Bitrix24.

Complete standard installation from Bitrix24 Marketplace and proceed with the following steps:

  1. Log in to the application.

  2. Indicate addresses.

  3. Select payment systems.

  4. Indicate templates for details.

  5. Launch synchronization.

More details in user guide.