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Puede agregar nuevas funciones y aplicaciones a su Bitrix24. Seleccione lo que necesita de la lista y realice la integración en cuestión de segundos.

Chat Booster
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You can now automate lead capture and fulfillment processes with a chatbot integrated with your Bitrix24.

Chat Booster is here, the new Br24 app saves salespeople and consultants time, increases your company's ROI and decreases resource investment.

With Chat Booster you can:

  • Integrate with any Bitrix24 Open Channel.
  • Reduce your customer's lead time with immediate service.
  • Create custom chat automation transfers.
  • Create up to 5 different chatbots.
  • Direct or lead the right consultant and expedite the sale.
  • Provide great service right from your website and even from WhatsApp.
  • Save the customer history.

And much more!

Plans starting at $19/month. Enjoy!

Versión 2
You can now save file uploaded to chat to the lead fields.

Versión 1
Chat Booster - Chatbot App

Within the application, you will find a widget for direct contact, via chat, with our team of experts.

If you have any suggestions or problems, you can also get support at
You just need to install the app and follow the instructions inside the app.