Rules for Multiple branches

Last Updated: November 17, 2022
Effective on: November 18, 2022

These rules govern the relationship between Bitrix24 (further - Us) and user (further - You) while using the additional “Multiple branches” feature of Bitrix24 service (further - Multiple branches).

Multiple branches allow you to create a network between Bitrix24 Customer account using the Enterprise plan that enables the Multiple branches feature (further - Bitrix24 Head account) and other Bitrix24 Customer accounts (further - Branch(es).

By using Multiple branches, You acknowledge your full consent with the Rules. If You do not accept these Rules, do not use Multiple branches.
  1. Connection between Bitrix24 Head account and another Branch is carried out through functionality of the Bitrix24 Head account.
  2. Only a user with Administrator permissions for both Bitrix24 Head account and for a specific Branch can connect such Branch to the Bitrix24 Head account using Multiple Branches.
  3. Both newly created and a currently active Bitrix24 Customer Account with any commercial subscription can be connected to Multiple branches network.
    Trial mode is automatically granted for both newly created Bitrix24 account and existing Bitrix24 account with the Free plan when connecting to Multiple Branches.
  4. All the Administrators of the Branch will be notified about a connection of their Bitrix24 Customer Account to Multiple branches by prominent notification inside a Bitrix24 service.
  5. Only an Administrator of Bitrix24 Head account can disconnect a Branch from Multiple branches using the Bitrix24 Head account user interface.
  6. Bitrix24 Head account permissions include the following:
    (1) Connecting new and existing Bitrix24 Customer accounts to Multiple branches;
    (2) Overview, management and setup of Branches;
    (3) Provision of management access permissions for Branches to other Administrators of Bitrix24 Head account;
    (4) Disconnecting a Branch from Multiple Branches;
    (5) Provision of access for Bitrix24 Head account users to information allocated inside a Branch,
    as well as other permissions, provided by Multiple branches functionality.
  7. By using the Multiple branches, You:
    (1) Confirm that You are authorized and empowered to connect a specific Branch to Bitrix24 Head account as a part of Multiple branches functionality;
    (2) Undertake to follow relevant laws of Your country when using Multiple branches, including the Data Protection Legislation and other legislation on restricted access information and confidentiality protection;
    (3) Undertake not to violate the third-party rights for restricted access information, including confidential information;
    (4) Acknowledge and agree that Bitrix24 does not initiate enabling or activating Multiple branches and using of Multiple branches is possible only through the initiative of the Administrator;
    (5) Undertake and agree that any use of Multiple branches is at Your own risk and under Your own responsibility. If You have any doubts as to the legitimacy of using of Multiple branches, information sharing/exchange within Multiple branches we recommend You receive professional advice from the relevant specialists before starting using Multiple branches; and
    (6) Undertake upon our request to provide documents and/or information confirming the legality of processing and obtaining/providing access to data from the specific Branch.
  8. In terms of regulation of access to information, located inside the Branch, including users’ personal data, these Rules are integral to the Data Processing Agreement, issued to You by Bitrix24, located at the website
  9. Bitrix24 has the right to unilaterally modify this document by posting the updated text on the Internet at the following link.