Zadarma SMS Integration

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The plugin adds a provider called "Zadarma" for sending SMS.

  • Checking and displaying the status of the message delivery directly in the CRM (whether the message has been delivered or not);
  • Supports different types of sending: SMS, Viber, or hybrid sending (first to Viber, if not delivered, then SMS);
  • Adding different accounts and settings;
  • Using queues in 10 threads supports sending up to 1 000 000 messages in 1 hour;
  • PRO settings for integrators to change settings "on the fly" -

Check out our other plugins for sending SMS. Didn't find your SMS provider? Write to us and we will add it upon purchasing an annual license.

Pricing (cancel anytime)
Free 30-day trial. Monthly and annual subscription price.
Zadarma prices.

Versión 1
Plugin adds "Zadarma" provider for sending SMS. Shows delivery status in CRM, supports queues and PRO settings.